Keeping biotechnology out of Africa: a conspiracy of the rich nations against Africa

One of the biggest problems facing Africa is hunger. Africa is a blessed continent both in human resource and biodiversity,important tools required to drive away hunger from its people. However, with the ever mushrooming conspiracies against technologies that tend to augment the above tools, Africa shall for a long time be hunger stricken.

The western world on the other hand is enjoying the luxuries associated with enhanced tools that augment their human resources and their limited biodiversity to feed its people.

Why then should these nations rubbish off technologies augmenting food security out of Africa?Biotechnology and recombinant DNA technologies have been identified as key in helping to elleviate hunger in the world over.Take the instance of the asiatic tigers in the early 20th century when they fully adopted the green revolution: between 1975 and 1990, ne rice technologies such as hybrid varieties developed by China’s own scientists contributed over half to that nations overall increase in average rice yields, and these gains helped bring more than 200 million people in rural china out of poverty between 1978 and 1999,the single largest mass escape from human poverty ever recorded over a two-decade period.

Hunger has continued to blight millions of African lives,and will continue to do so unless we act with greater purpose and urgency. This has been attributed to the lack of a green revolution in Africa due to inadequate scientific commitments and “political science” interferance from quarters that are not even concerned about the plights of Africans-the west!

Let us condemn these forces, let us encourage biotechnologies for Africans by Africans in Africa, Let us rise up and demand that they stop interfering with our solutions,let us start a green revolution in Africa-a revolution that is long overdue, a revolution that will help the continent in its quest for dignity and peace,LET US GREEN AFRICA WITH FOOD!

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